Sale Terms

Photo ID will be required for bidder registration and a copy will be retained by Booker Auction Company.

Cash or approved check, Credit and Debit cards, day of Auction.

-- (Eltopia) A 2% handling fee applies to determine the selling price on all equipment regardless of bid price. (Eltopia) --

-- (Eltopia) A 8% handling fee applies to determine the selling price on all equipment selling for $2,500 or less. This fee will be combined with the 2% fee indicated above, for a total of 10% on all items selling for $2,500 or less.--

An additional 4% handling fee will be added to all credit/debit card payments.

All personal and company checks are subject to approval and will be documented by photo id. New bidders (those without a positive Booker Auction purchase history) will need a statement from their financial institution confirming their ‘good standing’ plus driver’s license and viable credit card.

NOTE! No items may be removed until satisfactory payment has been made! Seller and/or Booker Auction Co. reserves the right to maintain possession of any item sold until funds (checks, drafts, or purchase orders) are verified.


All advertising information was obtained from sources deemed reliable. Although every precaution has been taken to assure accuracy, the seller and Booker Auction Co., shall not be liable for errors and/or omissions. Announcements made by the Auctioneer at the time of the auction take precedence over printed matter.

Booker Auction Co. may, under certain conditions, bid on behalf of the seller, lien holder and/or pre-approved absentee buyers.

All items immediately become the responsibility of the purchaser after being sold.

Booker Auction Co. is not responsible for accidents.

By registering to bid at this auction, bidder agrees to sale terms, be they as is, amended or modified by text or speech at any time before items are sold.

Titled Vehicle Buyers

Titles for vehicles purchased will be transferred within 45 days of Auction, or upon receipt of required purchaser signatures and/or documentation (i.e. scale weights, DOT#, UBI #, etc.) unless held by a secured party. Booker Auction Company will not be liable for any processing fees, customs fees, port fees and/or delivery of purchased items from point-of-sale fees or any other fees not heretofore listed. There will be a negotiable $150 Documentary Services fee added to the purchase of all titled equipment.